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Due to overwhelming response to the July 28, 2015 introductory call on health with special guest Bob Gilpatrick, we are providing playback links to this and subsequent calls containing valuable information about the Boomer Boost products.

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 Train Your Brain. Free Your Life. Transform Our World.

Would You Like The New Groundbreaking Secrets to Healing and Creating Your Dream Life


Your Happy New You Special: 89.00:
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Greetings Dear Friend and Welcome.

Thank you for loving yourself enough to want to become your best self .

The fact that you are reading this, and wanting more for yourself- maybe a lot more –and probably after

Years of not ‘getting’ what you want- is remarkable.

There’s something inside you that ‘knows’ :

 …”I know I can be free of my ‘issues’ – I could even reverse aging – if I could just learn how to feel and think and act my Best I could overcome and BECOME anything.”

 Your Solution and Time Has Come!

 ….And it’s Based on Groundbreaking Proven New Discoveries in BrainScience that are

Revolutionizing how we create new behaviors and learn to create our best lives and selves.

Would you like to start now?

Right now, You can start training your mind and brain to  unlock the secret to growing younger, happier, and live as your ideal self- with your best feelings and behaviors.

It’s here, its clinically proven, and hundreds of thousands of people around the world

Are now learning they can ‘hardwire’ their happiness, health, and positive futures.


The Breakthrough Science of How Successwaves Mindful Neuroplastic Meditation

Makes IT Easier to Succeed in Your New Life:

 Successwaves Brain Training - Get All 4 - Save 30%

What if it really were possible to learn how to let go of your old self, and create a brand new you

a healthier, freer, happy positive future, brimming with hope, energy, and your ideal self looking at you?

What if now was the time you could start to actually create that for Yourself?.....

To give yourself the best…the latest and the most scientifically proven way

to start transforming your life, your happiness, and habits, and create your dream life.

How about being at the leading edge of science and faith  and learning how to work

With your mind-brain and spirit in a systematic way?

If you’ve ever struggled with:

low energy**low motivation* overweight* Stress* Low Mood and Confidence* Negativity* Anxiety *Depression* or *Pain


Health *Relationship *Body* Weight *Finance* *Happiness* Identity Issues*












RIGHT NOW-you can scientifically and instantly UNLOCK the Power Of Your Mind-Brain to Live and Feel Your BEST and Release the Hidden barriers that had been holding you back.

 Your Happy New You Special: 89.00: 
Successwaves Brain Training - Get All 4 - Save 30%

In just 20 minutes a day of listening- you will be able to feel a new you, and new energy and habits that will help you live with ease and certainty in every area of your life.

You’ll have access to the new brain science of transformation that works with any faith and helps you build

New neural patterns of health and happiness and certainty.


Get our  *Special* 4 Pack- and start Your NEW life-  now:

Your Happy New You Special: 89.00:
Successwaves Brain Training - Get All 4 - Save 30%

The Ultimate New Life Kit –you’ll finally have access to “how to” easily

And simply re-wire your mind- brain and feelings to overcome what might seem challenging or impossible

Situations or habits-

And start improving your life and recreating a NEW YOU AND Your Best Future- even slowing aging.

And now you can take advantage of the Revolutionary benefits – so you can

Feel so good – people will ask :

“What is Your Secret”?

Your Happy New You Special: 89.00:
Successwaves Brain Training - Get All 4 - Save 30%

Your life and future  is precious, and you now have the opportunity

to shave years off your time to creating the

REAL YOU- The Free You- The Growing Younger, Better, Happier YOU-

really dream of becoming and LIVING IT.

New You


New Habits

New Happiness

New Youth

To You Our  Dear Friend,

May  the happiness of your most radiant self

and dreams with Successwaves’ Mindful Neuroplasticity audio programs begin


To You, To Your Best, and To Your Ultimate Self

And Future

Sue and The Successwaves Team* Here is What our Ultimate New Life Users have to say:


I'm Gina Hiatt, President and CEO of Finish Agent, Inc. and Academic Ladder, Inc. Running two internet companies can often be completely overwhelming for me. I have found that listening to Sue's  Successwaves - Releasing Overwhelm has an immediate calming influence on my brain. As a neuropsychologist myself (my Ph.D. research was in neuropsychology at the famous Montreal Neurological Institute), I know that repeatedly listening to this recording will help rewire my brain. I love the feeling of calm focus that I have after listening.

I don't usually experience such quick shifts in mindset, so that was a pleasant surprise. I can't recommend Sue's Successwaves New Brain For Success offerings enough! Of course, I love the fact that her products and services are neuropsychologically based. I'm going to continue to use these products and I recommend them to all of my highly-stressed colleagues!


Authentic Power:

“Listening to Just this ONE CD- totally transformed my entire life- when nothing- Years of therapy, medications, searching and heartache had worked.

I am a new Man, and my whole family is in Awe!! that’s right Awe!- thanks to Authentic Power and Sue of Successwaves.

Jeremy Allison- Sales Executive

Quantum Weight Release:

“I dropped Over 100 Lbs. and Know I can create anything I want!”

Sue’s Quantum Weight Release has assisted me to not only drop 100 lbs and reshape my body, but her work has given me freedom from destructive habits, faith that I could achieve anything, and real true, tangible self-love.  Something that years of therapists, doctors, trainers, and nutritionists could not give me. 

~ Rachel Perzanowski, CT


 Letting GO Of Pain- Letting Go of the Brain CIRCUITS of Physical and Emotional Pain

 “I am discovering I can turn off my Pain – physical or emotional”

 “I found that by listening to this Mindful Audio- I could address  and heal the emotional pain, and turn off the circuits to both emotional and physical pain that was causing me distress. I feel so much better after listening! Thank You So Much Sue for Creating this, I know it will help so many move beyond pain!”

-Jim, Retired, CT

Breakthrough!Experience Your New Victory NOW! 


Do you want more out of life?

Custom Faith Based Neuroplasticity Audio and Coaching

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind." - Romans 12:2  

Welcome and I am so glad you found your way to this transformative and healing space!

Although my ongoing coaching and consulting practice is full, I am pleased to be offering single sessions to those Who want to receive direct guidance from me, and want the proven advantages Of a Custom scientifically proven  CHRIST BASED NEUROPLASTICITY Audio to accelerate their healing, growth, and wholeness.

After more then two decades of helping  people breakthrough in their health, emotional balance, their ability to bounce back from anxiety, burnout, relationship and financial challenges- I can hone in very quickly on the stuck points and help my coaching clients move forward in their healing work.

Through a single, 50-minute Skype or phone session, I will listen to your story then give you my specialized plan, and a custom audio that will deeply heal and re-wire you’re your whole brain for healing, and  that will be targeted specifically for your situation. Many of my coaching clients have said that a single session with me was more effective than thousands of dollars of wasted time, and effort in other healing m sessions. At the same time, if you’re working with your favorite pastor, a skilled therapist, a single coaching session can expedite your work as you can bring what you’ve learned back to your journey. A coaching session can help you:

Quickly identify what is keeping you stuck in your healing process.

Identify any potential red-flag issues and, more likely, confirm that your relationship is “normal.”

Receive effective tools and resources specifically tailored to your situation so that you can break free to the next level of growth.

Have you feeling you are moving forward finally. And for Good.

My fee for a single coaching session is $195.

*Spaces are limited.

To Schedule your session now, simply click on the link below:

And fill in the schedule fee below.

And we will be in touch to schedule your session with in 24-48 Hours.

enter 195

or send us an and we can invoice you.

Your session will be scheduled in 24-48 hours between the hours of 4-7 EST.

Once you are scheduled, you’ll be on your way to a new you and new way of being that you’ll love.

READY TO BE A WISE LEADER? CONSIDER THIS : The Neuroscience of Strategic Leadership

P.P.S. *Successwaves Brain Training-(Read Our Terms and Refund Policy) By Downloading You Agree to Our Terms of Use and Refund Policy

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